Why Us?

EverStrong Profiles is VMA Certified and What This Means to You

EverStrong Profiles have been certified by the Vinyl Manufacturers Association.

EverStrong Profiles is VMA Vinyl Manufacturers Association Certified What is the VMA?   The VMA (Vinyl Manufacturers Association) is the Voice of the Vinyl Fence and Railing Industry and this is their certification logo. EverStrong Profiles is a VMA certified product.   The VMA was formed with a mandate to advance the following strategic objectives: Develop product performance standards to govern all manufacturers and establish a comprehensive certification program to ensure ongoing compliance with the established standards. Collectively influence the development of product code requirements for fence and railing products. Develop a marketing campaign to promote the use of vinyl … Continue reading

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Why EverStrong Profiles?

Everstrong Profiles Official Plant

EverStrong® Profiles is backed by over 40 years experience in the fence business as a manufacturer and distributor. We have been in the vinyl fence fabrication business since 1996, and with this knowledge we expanded into extrusion. EverStrong® set up a new extrusion plant with the most technologically advanced extruding systems in the industry, some of the most seasoned people in extrusion worldwide and a complete quality control lab which is unparalleled in our industry. Continue reading

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