EverStrong® Profiles are backed by almost 50 years experience in the fence business as a manufacturer and distributor. We have been in the vinyl fence fabrication business since 1996, and with this knowledge we expanded into extrusion.

EverStrong® set up an extrusion plant with the most technologically advanced extruding systems in the industry, some of the most seasoned people in extrusion worldwide, and a complete quality control lab which is unparalleled in our industry.

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EverStrong Tongue and Groove Board Profiles for Vinyl Fence #fence #fences #vinylfence #pvcfence #vinylfences #pvcfences #picketfence #fencecompany #fencecontractor #fenceinstaller #fencesupplies #longisland #longislandny #connecticut #rhodeisland #massachusetts #newjersey #pennsylvania #thenortheast #tristatearea

All EverStrong® Profiles are inventoried in stock lengths in Classic White, Classic Beige, Classic Gray, and Classic Clay all the time. They are available to ship as soon as your order is placed. That is correct; the only lead time on stock lengths of profiles is giving your address to our carrier.

All EverStrong® Profiles are manufactured to rigid specifications using only the best compounds available in the market.

Brand new EverStrong Profile coming off the extrusion line

What is the Vinyl Manufacturers Association?

All EverStrong® Profiles and Accessories are tested and compliant to ASTM as well as our own, more strict specifications.


The VMA (Vinyl Manufacturers Association) is the Voice of the Vinyl Fence and Railing Industry

EverStrong Profiles are Vinyl Manufacturers Association Certified. Download the tri-fold brochure to find out more.

The VMA was formed to advance the following objectives:
To develop product performance standards to govern all manufacturers and establish a comprehensive certification program to ensure ongoing compliance with the established standards.

Monitor the activities of consumer and environmental advocacy groups and help to improve the public perception of vinyl fence and railing products.
Develop trade and consumer educational programs to demonstrate the engineered performance of vinyl fence, deck, and railing products.

What Does This Mean For You?
With the VMA Certified Seal prominently displayed on your EverStrong® Vinyl Fence and Railing products, you can have the confidence that you are receiving the highest quality vinyl products on the market.

VMA Certified EverStrong® Profiles products meet or exceed industry standards. EverStrong’s company, products, processes, and facilities have been audited by approved third party test labs and inspection agencies.

The VMA Certified seal offers the peace of mind that purchases made today will withstand the test of time due to the high quality manufacturing and verification processes.

Results of EverStrong weather testing vs. competitor
450 hours = approx. 4-5 years
1,000 hours = approx. 10 years

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